Mary Buchowski- Kurus is a self-taught artist working and residing in Ottawa, Canada. She has travelled the world for many years, and has been exposed to a vast array of cultures which have left deep marks on her. These experiences are reflected by the themes and colour palette expressed in her paintings.

The paintings of Mary Buchowski-Kurus are divided in two major themes: portraits and canyons. Each one either tells a story or exposes the psychological facets of the individual.

Her portraits are primarily of women through which she tries to express the hidden truths that lie within their psyche, thus showing the essence of the woman in each painting. Many demonstrate a sense of womanhood, while others show the women in an evolving state of being. The subjects are often depicted in an active pose rather than a passive one. Eyes locked in with the viewer, their frontal position shows off their strength while the manner of their execution highlight their softness, their vulnerability.

The canyon paintings have personalities just like people. Their constant exposure to the elements which have eroded and altered them through centuries and millennia make these highly mystical spaces. They have seen and experienced many spectacular phenomena, have stories to tell, in the same way the portraits of women tell stories. Their curvilinear shapes remind those of women, evoking a strong sense of sensuality.

Buchowski-Kurus's paintings have a whimsical quality echoed through the use of patterns and arabesques and especially, surprising and unconventional use of color.